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RAPAN Body wrapsThere are a lot of body wrap products on the market. Body wraps are most often used for cosmetic purposes to tone up the skin, soften it, improve its condition, and even more often - for quick weight loss without having to sweat it out in a gym

Rapan Blue and Yellow Clays and Rapan Mud are an exceptional choice for body wraps and face masks, and here's why:
The products are 100% pure and natural - there are no additives in them at all.
They have been obtained from an area of clean ecology.
They have all the therapeutic properties of Dead Sea products, since they close to Dead Sea products in chemical composition.
In fact, their therapeutic properties are up to 20 times stronger than those of Dead Sea products, due to a higher content of anti-oxidants and other substances (see Information about Rapan products).
Rapan products are obtained from an ancient salt lake with high concentration of all the essential minerals, vitamins and hormones the body needs.
The high content of salts makes the Rapan clays more effective than normal clays. For the skin it means they are more effective in drawing toxic waste, excessive water out of the skin and reducing puffiness and cellulite.
In fact, Rapan products are so good they are used with exceptional results at Russian resorts mainly for treatment of various health conditions.
Rapan products are versatile and can be combined with each other for stronger effect (e.g. the clays and mud can be mixed with salt, the Blue and Yellow clays can be mixed together, the clays can be mixed with the mud).
They are very popular with spas due to their effect on the skin. Spas use Rapan products for body wraps and face masks with good results.
There have been no allergic side-effects recorded as a result of using any of the Rapan products.
With all these benefits Rapan products are affordable.
atherosclerosis and more

How to Use Rapan Products for Body Wraps and Face Masks

Since there are four Rapan products which can all be used for body wraps and face masks, you have to decide which one to use. All of the Rapan products are safe to use, although if you suffer from any medical conditions you need to consult your doctor before using them.

Here is brief information about Rapan products to help you make a suitable choice:
Mud - Rapan Mud has the strongest action on the skin and body.
It is followed by Rapan Yellow Clay - it is in the middle between the Mud and Blue Clay in its effect.
The mildest action is attributed to Rapan Blue Clay. It is universal in its applications and can be used even by children and the infirm.
Rapan Salt can be used as an ingredient in the body wrap to enhance the effect.
All the four products can be mixed with each other in various proportions, depending on the desired effect. Just experiment and see which combination suits you or your clients best.

Suggested combinations

Rapan Mud (or Yellow / Blue Clay) 1kg + Rapan Salt 50g;
Rapan Mud 500g + Rapan Yellow Clay 500g + Rapan Salt 50g
Rapan Mud 500g + Rapan Blue Clay 500g + Rapan Salt 50g
Rapan Yellow Clay 500g + Rapan Blue Clay 500g + Rapan Salt 50g


Rapan for oily / acne prone skin

Rapan for normal/ dry/ mature/ sensitive skin

Rapan for problem skin








RAPAN To UseProfessional Body Wrap
Use any of the chosen Rapan products, either on their own, or in combination with each other. Choose the combination you find suitable for the client.

Experiment with the recipes suggested above or your own combinations. Test the mixed product on your client. Although the products are non-allergenic, do a skin test by applying the product to be used to a small area and leaving it on for 1 hour (let the client do it at home).

If there has been no adverse effect, for the first application use shorter time - 30 minutes and limited area of application (e.g. the back). Cover with cling film and warm blanket. Remove after 30 minutes by washing it off with warm water. Record the effect.

For the 2nd application:
Spread the product all over the body, wrap the body with cling film and cover with a warm blanket. Leave the product on for 1 hour. Wash it off with warm water afterwards. Let the client rest under a warm blanket for 15 minutes.

For the 3rd and follow-up applications the duration of the procedure can be increased to 1? - 2 hours.

For home use - follow the procedures above.

Increased blood circulation and lymph drainage.
Increased metabolism.
Increased removal of toxic waste and reduction in cellulite appearance.
Noticeable improvement in skin appearance and texture - the skin becomes pink, smooth, warm, fresh-looking, moist.
Removal of excessive water from the body - reduced puffiness.
Reduced weight due to the effects listed above.
Increased energy.
Reduced fatigue.
Relaxation of the body and mind.
Increased sense of well-being (and wanting to come again soon!)


Rapan Natural Mud

Material Safety Data Sheet for Rapan Mud

Safety Assessment for RAPAN Mud

Rapan Mud Applications

Slimmer Body and Better Skin with Rapan

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